RESET Button

Ok, ever have one of those mornings where you just wish you had a reset button? That big red button that would make you start at the beginning? Tell me … Continue Reading →


Looking Unto Jesus

Wanna know when I find myself the most miserable and critical? Well, I’m glad you asked. It is when I start to look around and forget to look up. Look … Continue Reading →

Sunbeams Among The Clouds

Ever just feel heavy? Burdened down? Like a weight is just sitting there? Sometimes I feel like it comes out of no where. Just swallows me up. I can feel … Continue Reading →

I Wanna Be A Duck

I wanna be a duck. No, really. Quack! Quack! The other day someone said something to me. Well, not directly to me. They waited until I turned around and started … Continue Reading →

Change. When it’s more than in your pocket.

Change. Something about me just doesn’t like that word. I’m a creature of routine. A doer of the same habit. When I go to a restaurant, I usually have about … Continue Reading →

Helping Hands

Honestly, what would we do without helping hands? I think of them often. There really are so many helpful people in this world and tonight I was reminded of it … Continue Reading →


The Desires of Thine Heart

You know what I love? How God knows our desires. How He answers our thoughts and little wishes when we don’t think to ask. How He responds to our ponderings. … Continue Reading →


To Everything There Is A Season

It’s hard to believe that the summer has come to an end and we are starting another year of school. I’m one of the crazy Mamas that wasn’t quite ready … Continue Reading →


Hello, September!

Wooo! Any other September lovers out there? It’s time for a new season. Another fresh start. Fall is my favorite! I can see and smell it now! A time for … Continue Reading →


Shine On

Today I am thankful. I have been reflecting so much lately about the people in my life who have cared. Who have loved me. Who have been there in my … Continue Reading →