To Bento or Not to Bento?

To Bento or Not to Bento? That is the question. Ok, guys, what is the verdict on the Bento boxes for lunches? They look amazing on Pinterest, but hey, what … Continue Reading →

Empty Tank

Running on E?

  Ever feel like you are running on Empty? E. I mean the gas light is on. You are Low. On. Fuel. Yeah. Me too. Tonight was one of those … Continue Reading →

“Pity Me” Moments

Ever have “pity me” moments? Yeah, me too. It seems like in those times I am gently reminded of God’s love/patience with me. This afternoon I was wiping down a … Continue Reading →


This. My relaxing spot.

Hey you – tired you! The one with laundry everywhere and sticky floors. Where is your relaxing spot? Shouldn’t we all have one? You better believe it, sister! Take a … Continue Reading →

Me – Blogging? Yeah, I’m a little suprised, too.

Wowza! Can I just say I had no idea how time consuming blogging was! And I still have a feeling I probably don’t. So why am I blogging? Good question. … Continue Reading →


The Little Things

I love how God hears the little things. For me the little is so big. Honestly – in the little details. The little things where you know it’s God. That … Continue Reading →


A Full Heart

My heart though! Does your heart ever swell so big you feel like it may overflow!? Today was a good day, my friends. It was a Sunday – the first … Continue Reading →


He Is There

God is so good, isn’t he? “The Lord is good, his mercy endureth, forever and ever to all generations.┬áThe Lord is good so I will stand up and sing praise … Continue Reading →


Kindness Matters

Kindness. What is it to me? According to Wikipedia, kindness is the act or the state of being kind, being marked by good and charitable behavior, pleasant disposition, and concern … Continue Reading →