RESET Button

Ok, ever have one of those mornings where you just wish you had a reset button? That big red button that would make you start at the beginning? Tell me I’m not the only one!

Well, yeah, today was one of those mornings.

Woke up late, got the girls ready – couldn’t find Alli’s jumper. Claire’s glasses were missing. Missing. Couldn’t find their sweaters. Opened up their backpacks to find I forgot to have them do their homework. Rush around and make the lunches you didn’t make the night before.

Get them all ready. Open the door to meet the bus. Realize you left their homework and folders on the counter. Go back and get it. The dog runs out. The girls grab the treat bucket and start running out the door yelling “Pixie! Pixie!” while shaking the treats frantically. You only have your pajamas on which aren’t too decent. So, you grab the nearest rain jacket. (Hey, it covered me up.)

All this while the bus driver is sitting, smiling patiently. Thank God for patient bus drivers! We finally grab Pixie, and the girls are off.

Go back in the kitchen and realize some of their lunch is still on their counter. Yeah, the apple. The one thing I wanted in their lunch. Sure they won’t be too sad. They got the Twinkie. ;)

I look down at my phone that had beeped in the meantime. It was a text from Nathan saying not to go crazy looking for Claire’s glasses. They are in his car. Too late. Much too late.


Then you just smile at yourself and text your hubby all he’s missed. All in one morning.

Here’s to you Mama’s who started out your day a little crazy like me! I prayed for you. I prayed for me. I prayed for our Littles.

Setting the reset button.

Happy Thursday.

Psalm 118:124 “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”


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